Possible Futures Film Contest: IWTBM Wins People’s Choice Award in Human Fullfillment!

Dear Cast & Crew & all of our Supporters!

….welllllll…YOU DID IT!!

You made our “I Want To Be Me” little gem the Winner of the People Choice Award in the Human Fulfillment category ~ thank you thank you and a million thank you!! Please send our thanks to all of your friends and family who voted for our film!
Be extra proud of yourselves, for all the work you put into this before/during/after the shoot and online pushing for the film and especially for all the heart you put into this 🙂

We are are eternally grateful and right now would like to share 2 things:

—> How the audience received your film. In the words of the Project Manager:
“This evening, at the 2011 Possible Futures Film Contest Awards Ceremony it was announced on stage followed by a second screening of your wonderfully meaningful film, that I Want To Be Me was the winner of the People Choice Award in your submitting category of Human Fulfillment !! (and btw  – Jon Love announced this category and your film winning) There was such joy in the air as your film completed its dual screening this evening in front of a fully packed theatre. It was amazing to see this truly human connection about living a live of individuality on the large screen. (I’ve been screening it on my laptop – and I really smiled from ear to ear this evening for you) Nice work!
 It has been an honor to watch people enjoy your work on film. Thank you for holding the world so preciously in this tale. It was wonderful having your film be a part of the first annual Contest and hope you will consider submitting in 2012.”

—> Our composer, Joseph Gray,  was inspired by the contest and what the ‘possible future’ is for him. So he took the song that he wrote for our short movie and expanded it into a song that captures the possible future for him. He explained that the ideal possible future is when humans are in harmony; Listen here: http://www.macjams.com/song/69240 


We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any future updates and remember also that http://www.IWantToBeMeTheMovie.com will remain active and a great way to keep each other posted.


Knee deep in gratitude from us both xoxo
Lauren and Pina

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